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Supported Events & Groups

Shepherds Australia, at this stage, has 3 primary events that we are committed to running each year. 

  • The PTSD Awareness Baton Ride

  • The Winter Sunshine Festival on Phillip Island, and

  • The Annual Sock Drive for the Homeless

In addition to those detailed above, the Shepherds Founders and Members are involved in other events to support their communities, their passions, and other organisations in need of assistance.

These events and organisations included, but are not limited to:

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Men's Health Ride

The Men's Health Ride was undertaken by 2 of the Founders of Shepherds Australia, John (JC) Curran and Neil (Burg) Relph. 

in 2017 they departed Phillip Island riding for Darwin with the intention of meeting up with another rider, Frank Haydock, for the return ride from Darwin to Phillip Island.

This was an important ride for John as unfortunately his battle with prostate cancer was after many years now a losing one. Johns journey was to see him hold public forums during the journey to talk with men about his journey and that a failure to talk much earlier had left him with his current health issues.

He wanted men to know that opening up and talking was not a weakness but a strength and one that may see them live long, healthy lives with those they love.

Unfortunately we lost John in 2018. He will be missed by a great many.

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