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About Us

Shepherds Australia was founded on the principle Community Before Self.


Shepherds Australia is not a MC (Motorcycle Club) or a SMC Social Motorcycle Club. Shepherds Australia is a Non Profit collective of like minded people that were originally brought together through motorcycling, with a passion to put community before self and look at innovative ways to bring life into those communities. 

Shepherds members and supporters come from all walks of life and both ride and drive and also use public transport.


To work within communities to support, educate, empower and identify positive opportunities to provide diverse solutions for stability, growth, safety and understanding through the bringing together of the motorcycle and wider community groups.

Our Team


Dean (Bear) Marks, ASM

John (JC) Curran - VALE

10/05/1953 - 04/08/2018

Neil (Burg) Relph

Dean (Bear) Marks, ASM


Rob Newall

Ross (Hobbit) McClure

Dawn (Quackers) Arthrell

Lee (Mrs Bear) Marks


Bruce Kent

Nicole Smith

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